E.M.Family-14 David

David's Testimony

At 9 years of age, I realized I deserved Hell.  I confessed my sin to the Lord.  By placing complete trust in Christ’s finished work at Calvary, I asked Him to save me.

As a teenager, I surrendered to the Lord.  In 2002, God opened the door for me to move to Manitoba, Canada.  I attended Golden Plains Baptist Church and completed the 4 year Bible program.  I remain actively involved in many areas of our church.  God made it clear in 2018 that He wanted us to be missionaries to Northern Manitoba.

E.M.Family-14 Nadine

Nadine's Testimony

God saved me at 3 ½ years of age.  My parents led me to the Lord in my home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  We faithfully attended Intola Baptist Church.

I surrendered to the Lord as a young teenager.  God has blessed me in playing piano, teaching in Sunday School, working in the kitchen and nursery, going soul-winning regularly, and assisting in Master Club.




E.M.Family-17 Paul